1. (c) Ted Oonk

    (c) Ted Oonk

    (c) Ted Oonk

    (c) Ted Oonk


    In 2014 a Neighbourhood Dream was fulfilled in De Heeg, an area of the Dutch city of Maastricht: at the maker festival Roserije Makerije local residents and Rooftoptiger artists worked to create a nicer centre of the neighbourhood. They built, among other things, a Chinese dragon inspired by a local myth and a table consisting of forty pieces. These pieces are still put back together twice a year for a neighbourhood brunch.

    Roserije Makerije was a project by Rooftoptiger in collaboration with SoAP and Trajekt.


    Concept Sara Dandois and Esther Van de Pas
    Festival coordinator Judith Hoogendijk
    Production management Daniel Sikora and José Schuringa
    Collaborating artists Laurent Boijeot, Sara Dandois, Paul Delissen, Layla El Feiaz, Joyce Heinen, Maarten Janssens, Stéphanie Janssens, Orlando Jesus, Monique Kolvers, Hans Luyten, Lies Maréchal, Janny Noordhoek, Pee-Tor, Dymphna Postmes, Kees Prevoo, Sebastien Renauld, Bram Rombouts, Sven Roofthooft, Tomislav Ruzic, Antonio Sabatino, Nicolas Turon, Esther Van de Pas, Ellen van Leeuwen


    Fr 08 Aug 2014 | Maastricht (NL) De Heeg
    Th 07 Aug 2014 | Maastricht (NL) De Heeg
    We 06 Aug 2014 | Maastricht (NL) De Heeg
    Tu 05 Aug 2014 | Maastricht (NL) De Heeg
    Mo 04 Aug 2014 | Maastricht (NL) De Heeg
    Su 03 Aug 2014 | Maastricht (NL) De Heeg
    Sa 02 Aug 2014 | Maastricht (NL) De Heeg