For Citizen Lights, we collaborated with Datapaviljoen and Talent'O'biel to create an archive of dreams and talents from the district Schaarbeek.

    This  collection of desires inspired us to work with local artists to make lanterns, musical instruments and light sculptures for the creation of a participative light parade.

    All handmade light sculptures and lanterns were raised into the air at Place Collignon, to the music of the choir TATAPATAT and the opera singer Esther-Elisabeth Rispens.


    Concept - artistic and general coördination Sara Dandois
    Technics Jesse Frans and Bram Rombouts
    Concept and design lampion and lightsculpture ateliers Francoise De Smet in collaboration with Sara Dandois
    Soundconcept parade Lennart Bugel
    Vocals TATAPATAT and Esther-Elisabeth Rispens
    general design and execution Jean Knoch, Charline Dupont, Sabbo Verleye in collaboration with Pieter Herremans and Mathild Clerc-Verhoeven
    Costumes Lies Maréchal
    Special thanks to Pieter Herremans