1. GolfGever




    Birder & GolfGever -> Verbeke Foundation

    From sunday 2 May until 31 October 2021 Birder and GolfGever move to the Verbeke Foundation, especially for the exposition Natura Naturata.

    Birder is a high-tech device for breeding birds and a futuristic sound box. Each species of bird propagates a vision for the future. Together they play the music of the future.

    This installation got the most conveniant spot: next to the bird cages.

    A little further you can chill on GolfGeveran enormous wave on which you can sit or lie down. Nestle in its curves, allow yourself to float and get in touch with yourself and others. 


    Concept: Rooftoptiger
    Sound: Aarich Jespers
    Image: Beau Van Hoydonck
  2. (c) Siege Dehing

    (c) Siege Dehing

    See you all soon at BabelBühne!

    What a nice summer we had last year, all gathered around our BabelBühne.

    Thanks to Burgerbegroting (Antwerp District) we will gather again this Summer, at the BabelFestival. And so the story continues, after Tower of Babel (2019) and the first season of BabelBühne (2020)...

    >> We are already very busy with building and gardening, more info about the programmation very soon!

    Feeling a bit nostalgic about last year? Click >> here.