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    TOWER OF BABEL (2019)

    Tower of Babel is a collective building project, in collaboration with the Antwerp City Poet. In a time-span of three months, a gigantic bamboo and wood sculpture will be erected on a brownfield land in Antwerp. Everyone and anyone will be invited to participate. This tower will be both a meeting point for sharing multi-lingual poetry and a laboratory for superdiversity.

    more info soon on www.torenvanbabel.be

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    07.07 14:00-16:00 | Antwerp Dam | KICK-OFF
    13.07 14:00-18:00 | Antwerp Dam | Co-building Atelier
    20.07 14:00-18:00 | Antwerp Dam | Co-building Atelier
    27.07 14:00-18:00 | Antwerp Dam | Co-building Atelier