Rooftoptiger is an Antwerp based artist collective that initiates and creates artistic as well as community-art projects. Their work has gained national and international attention.

    Rooftoptiger came to life as a devision of the Time Circus collective. The projects are initiated by visual artist and scenographer Sara Dandois. Most of the installations are in collaboration with scenographer and designer Bram Rombouts.

    The crew of Rooftoptiger is a constant changing group of artists, performers, poets, thinkers and skilled craftsmen. They use recycled and second hand materials to construct genius and unique kinetic installations.

    "Working on a nomadic priciple and using the public space as our playground is what we are fond of. We also try to use as many materials and sources that can be find in the close surrounding of the work and living area as possible."

    The installations are ‘utopian’ inspired creations and carry out a critical view on contemporary topics. They are titillating, mobile, location-specific scenographies in which the boundaries between creator and audience are torn down and the intense encounter between the two becomes dominant. You could say The ‘Machine’ is the protagonist, the audience the antagonist and the crew the glue that holds them together.

    The installations are often the starting point of a performance. Rooftoptiger plays with the friction between contemporary art and theatre and tries to remodel the dominant qualities of both disciplines.

    Untameable like a tiger in a jungle-like city with rooftops like bird’s nests.

    We are Rooftoptiger!