1. (c) Siege Dehing

    (c) Siege Dehing


    For Citizen Lights we archived dreams and talents from Schaarbeek with Data Pavilion and Source Explorer. This collection of desires inspired us to a participatory light parade with DIY lanterns, musical instruments and light sculptures, which we created with local artists. 

    Get started with our lantern tutorial and march along in the opening parade. At Place Colignon all DIY lights are lifted into the air as if one gigantic chandelier, while choir TATAPATAT and opera singer Esther-Elisabeth Rispens shine. 

    23.02 | 18:00 >> Opening parade, in front of Brusilia 
    23 & 24.02 >> Citizen Lights, Schaarbeek


    Put on the headphones. A soundscape based on how residents of residential care home De Kastanjes experience their neighbourhood guides you through the invisible city. An auditory trip that reflects a different reality. A project in collaboration with primary school Stokkel.

    26 - 29.04 >> Enterfestival, Sint-Pieters-Woluwe


    Permeke invites Rooftoptiger for a photo exhibition. You can admire images of the different installations. BIRDER is also present and will play two concerts on the closing day.

    12 - 25.03 >> Rooftoptiger exhibition, Permeke, Antwerpen
    25.03 | 2 x 20 min between 12:00 - 13:45 >> Birder in concert, Permeke, Antwerpen

  2. (c) Siege Dehing

    (c) Siege Dehing


    BIRDER, a futuristic music machine with strange birds for daredevils from 6 year. Who is afraid of the Krop-op-kop?
    28.01 >> CC Westrand, Dilbeek | performance for families
    06 & 08.03 >> ccBe, Berchem | performances for schools
    11.03 >> CC Strombeek, Grimbergen | performance for families
    25.03 >> Permeke, Antwerpen | concert

    IK-BOKS, a fun fair for powerhouses with big and small dreams. A project in collaboration with 11.11.11 
    17.03 >> 11trail, Turnhout
    01.05 >> Wereldmarkt, Herent
    20.05 >> Ezperando, Bornem
    27.05 >> Dag van het Park, De Pinte